About the Artist

Cindy Frischman, a featured artist, designer, and entrepreneur in Shady Ave Magazine and The Wallstreet Journal, is the owner and creative mind behind Cienne Designs Vintage Market. Taking inspiration from the cultures and places she’s lived spanning the country and those she’s traveled to across the world, Cindy has created a marketplace of worldly treasures for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Offering handpicked items like Kantha Throws from India and antique French Chateau Door Pulls, Cindy brings her favorite treasures from global markets to her very own marketplace in Pittsburgh, PA and online directly to your home. 

Apart from her business, Cindy Frischman is a loving mother of four children and two dog children. In her life, family is always first which is why each and every item available for purchase is one she can imagine in her own home, enjoying with her own family. Her journey began by buying, building, and selling homes. What began as a passion for creating the homes of her dreams, grew into a design business as friends, family, and neighbors began to take notice. With a constantly widening array of interactions with different textiles from varying cultures, a love for color and design emerged, particularly for vintage and antique design. Cindy has since been the creative mind behind countless Interior Design and Kitchen and Bath Design projects. Additionally, she began refurbishing and salvaging antique and vintage furniture found at flea markets around the globe to recycle the pieces and bring them back to life.

Cindy realized that she wanted to share her talent and lifelong fascination with unique treasures with the world. Thus, Cienne Designs was born at local art shows and cultural markets. As the Cienne Designs community flourished and expanded, and Cindy’s vintage treasures and refurbished furniture found their new homes, the Vintage Market we all know and love was created in the heart of Shadyside. Cindy opens her doors each morning at her Vintage Market and welcomes you into her second home. With one step, you are transported to a French marketplace. Each one-of-a-kind item has a story to tell and a history. 

Cindy Frischman is available for custom painted pieces and design work. Contact with any questions or inquiries.